HDPE Pipes
The provided HDPE pipes can be effectively installed by the customers or technicians by deploying environmental friendly trenchless advancement. These offered pipes are strong and flexible in nature for varied applications.
HDPE PLB Duct Pipes
For trenchless introduction, a level directional machine drills a constant hole in our HDPE PLB Duct Pipes under the ground. When the boring head reaches the bore’s end, the range is mounted and pulled through the made hole.
MDPE Pipes and Fittings
The versatility of our MDPE Pipes and Fittings range is amalgamated with its exceptional abrasion resistance and tensile strength that makes it the proven and suited option for various installation advancements, for example, trenchless.
Compression Fittings
The customers will love this fact that our Compression Fittings can be introduced by deploying trenchless advancement under roads, lakes, right-of-ways, rivers, or creeks with least public and environmental disruption.
HDPE Pipe Fittings
When contrasted with different non-plastic pipes that are introduced by deploying open-cut technique, our HDPE Pipe and Fittings are introduced by deploying least invasive trenchless advancement that is more cost saving method.
Plastic Pipes
When you require an exquisite range of Plastic Pipes then avail this range as it is accessible in different sizes, diameters, designs, colors and more. You will find zero defects in our range for further application.
Service Saddle
We have delivered dimensional precision in every piece of Service Saddle with an outstanding threading in joining bolts. This range is perfect for fittings in any plumbing lines.
Cover Block
Our customers can always avail the provided Cover Block range in different material such as plastic, PE, PVC and so forth as per their articulations. Each block is provided in specific design and shape to suit certain requirement in mechanical and residential areas.
Pipe Jointing Machine
These HDPE Pipe Jointing Machines are tested on varied quality parameters to guarantee its defect safe design, construction, functionality and more so that the perfect machine is supplied to the customers.
Irrigation Fittings
Whether you want irrigation fittings in stainless steel, PVC, PP or any other material, get in touch for the same. Our company produces these fittings in different sizes for irrigation, industrial and other applications.
Plastic Tubes
Contact us if you need plastic tubes in size ranging from 1 inch to 1.5 inch, and lengths, like 6m and 18m. The black tubes can be used for transporting water, chemicals, slurry, etc.
HDPE Flanges
HDPE flange in the offering is used in drip irrigation system, water supply system, plumbing lines and other applications. It is available in range, from 20 mm OD to 500 mm OD.
Water Pipes
Water pipes made in HDPE is used in plumbing, agriculture, oil & gas refining, and applications. The dimensionally accurate pipes are chemical resistant and leakage proof.
Fan Canopy
The bowl shaped fan canopy is a decorate cover that hides the wiring. It can be availed in many colours and finishes in order to match with different ceiling fans.